I was in debt until I joined escorts in London now I am so much happier

I am so much happier now, enjoying my life now and all its perks. Most of the girls my age considered escorting as the most taboo career of them all. However most people around the world has some minor or major issues about their job, according to escorts in London it is all about what makes you happy. For me meeting new people and going to parties are one of the things I like. While before working for a company and stockpiling my debts just because partying and shopping is also a lucrative hobby, and my salary in my previous job is cannot really compensate my hobbies. I was so much in debt that I didn’t know what to do.

One day, I noticed these group of girls from a club, seems they are a regular customer there, but I also noticed that they are having different dates, so at first I didn’t know I assume they are prostitutes, but I can’t be really sure since they are not cheap looking. In fact they are so elegant and very professional. I sometimes thought they are models, so while my curiosity is killing me one men approached me and ask me if I am available for booking. I was shocked and insulted at first, but I simply told him no and I have no idea what are you saying. He then apologizes and said that he mistook me for an escort girl. Later did I know the club I was hanging was owned by London Escorts agency and it is their meeting / dating place for in call services.

I thought to myself these girls are so much lucky about their career, then I decided then and there to apply at the agency. I met this lovely lady who interviewed me and after a week she called me and informed me that I am hired. I noticed at their site they included my portfolio already. I was a little bit of excited yet a little anxious because this is the first time that I changed career, and it is a different one from my old office desk job. Yes I worked now as an escort girl as most of us think it was really neither demeaning nor morally shameful, for me I found it more liberating.

I once had a client booking me for a date, at first he was lonely. So we talked and we had a great time then exchanged number, a week after he called me and is very thankful. He told me that I saved his life just by listening to him that night. I never know that night that he was so depressed from a relationship break up and was considering suicide to solve his problem. When he told me all of that, I felt happy that I save a man’s life and I really love my job.

Lots of the girls who are afraid to join London Escorts agency has this one reason in common that they are afraid no one wants to be with them in a serious relationship because of the nature of the job. I will stop you there ladies, we have lots of escort girls here who are in a serious and long term relationship some are even married. Since their job is all about companionship their partners are fine with this and doesn’t even mind, they jokingly said “they think that their partner is turned on being them as an escort girl”


I got myself out of debt, purchased a home and went back to college. Graduated two weeks past debt free with a few of the most popular degrees from a prestigious college. I’ve been working independently since 2005 and now work one $1500 session per week (all my customers I’ve had over five years). It’s been a lifestyle which has functioned well, I’ve met amazing people and had unforgettable experiences which could otherwise be impossible. Retiring is just one of the tougher things I must do but in 3 months I hang up my heels and’m walking away.